Reading time: 1 minute | July 1, 2020 | by Team DAC6pro

There was a tremendous effort done by our DAC6 community, through BETA testing the tool. We saw the remarks for improvement, and we’ve listened carefully to the provided feedback. It was a great feeling to interact with the community and answer the many questions or much-desired innovations.

Now that the development team wrote the last code for the MVP, they felt happy to share the much-appreciated news. It’s a go for the GO live of DAC6pro!

As we speak, DAC6pro users from all over the world are logging in, creating users, and importing their DAC6 backlog in DAC6pro.

Do you want to start with storing your backlog (from 2018 till present) and onboarding your team? Preview the proposal here or request one right away! After signing, you will be live within one business day

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