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The smart documentation tool for TP professionals.

Today, the realm of Transfer Pricing Documentation is governed by OECD guidelines and country legislations. The job that needs to be done is to fortify the transfer pricing policy in a manner geared towards the relevant tax authorities.

For building or expanding your transfer pricing practices

TPdoc provides a central platform for all your key transfer pricing documentation workstreams. It generates automated, customised OECD-compliant Master and Local files in MS Word format. Time-saving features include vertical (future and past), as well as horizontal (country and entity) roll-forwards.

  • A user-friendly platform to be used as a single point of proof for all transfer pricing documentation workstreams.
  • Automated Master- Local file generation in Word format directly from platform.
  • Training capabilities for junior TP professionals.

Collaborate with your team and clients

TPdoc offers various user roles that are linked to the file status, e.g., preparing or reviewing documents, etc. TPdoc can also be upgraded to allow the status and user roles to be set according to a company’s bespoke wishes and to be defined at any level, including collaboration options with 3rd parties.

  • Manage the status of all files.
  • Define user roles linked to their status.
  • Collaborate with your colleagues and other stakeholders.
  • Ensure data security with access based on the principle of least privilege.

Save time and increase the quality by optimizing your process

TPdoc’s workflow management features offers a series of sequential tasks that enable you to execute the transfer pricing documentation process. These features visualize the status of files, planning and preparer – reviewer role allocation. There is also deadline management and dashboarding for monitoring.

  • Workflow management features for organized execution of the process, including notifications.
  • Features to manage status of files, planning and preparer – reviewer role allocation.
  • Deadline management and monitoring.
  • One time setup of intercompany transactions overview, per fiscal year, saving time and resources.
  • Roll forward feature copying data from the previous fiscal year, needing you to only update new information.
  • Perform segmented P&L analysis, assess and test the performance per segment, and include the right audit trail within the local file.

Step-up your quality standards to comply with the OECD standards

TPdoc offers a content library containing various types of reusable content (e.g., text cards for functions, risks and assets, standard annexes, and Master file or Local file templates). TPdoc also facilitates training and compliance with OECD documentation requirements.

  • Content library for reusable content and consistency.
  • TPdoc is structured to satisfy the OECD documentation requirements (i.e., to be exact .. the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Tax Administrations 2017 Annex I and II to Chapter V. Transfer Pricing Documentation Masterfile and Local file).
  • Append specific descriptions and/or change qualifications for functions, risks and assets per local file. Adapt the local file to your own preferences.
  • The tool intuitively guides you through each step and helps you get to the right conclusion, by showing you the relevant data points.

Automated master and local file generation in MS Word, tailored to your transactions

TPdoc enables users to accelerate their master- and local file generation. TPdoc’s file generator is a globally unique feature as it generates files in your trusted MS Word format. It is also dynamic as your (MS Word) files expand with more transactions. The easy to generate file template has the most current and updated changes each time.

All relevant (OECD Chapter V required) platform data populates in your file. Each transaction has its own chapter, e.g., in case of 5 intercompany transactions, 5 chapters will be inserted: one for each transaction.

TPdoc has the features your business needs

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  • Standard Template
  • Security Essentials
  • Standard Support
  • 20 files p/y
  • Content Library
  • In-tool training/onboarding
  • No limitation on users


  • All of Basic
  • TM Template with own branding
  • Unlimited Files
  • TPdoc Word Plugin
  • SSO (single sign on)
  • Manage Content Library
  • Change Log


  • All of Premium
  • Bespoke Template(s)
  • Enterprise Control & Security
  • Premium Support
  • Account Manager
  • TaxAcademy Training
  • Onboarding Files

FAQ - TPdoc

What is the TPdoc workflow?

TPdoc’s approach can be defined in three steps:

  1. Set-up (onboarding)
    1. base data entering
    2. master file preparing, reviewing and finalization
    3. local data enrichment
    4. local file preparing, reviewing and finalization
  2. Run (maintenance)
    1. roll-forward
    2. update and validate base and local data
    3. master file update, reviewing and finalization
    4. local file update, preparing, reviewing and finalization

What is special about the TPdoc workflow?

TPdoc Business is built based on 3 pillars:

  1. TPdoc Platform – online platform for smart transfer pricing data management allowing uploads of entity data, transaction volumes and benchmarking summary analyses
  2. TPdoc MS Word Plug-In – connecting all data from TPdoc platform to any MS Word based transfer pricing file
  3. TPdoc workflow manager – TPdoc central portal for managing both single and multiple file related workflows, with the aim to bring consistency across all your clients’ (single) files, to collaborate with your clients on collecting and validating data, to present a central content library that can be used for all your single files, to train your people, etc.

How does TPdoc work?

TPdoc is developed to interpret your transfer pricing policy and through that, to build your document in a smart way. This happens by means of interlinking the different elements needed, such as the parties involved in a transaction, the entities of which they consist, its location and where the transaction takes place.

How is data security handled in TPdoc?

  • Cloud storage in the Netherlands/Western Europe
  • ISO Certification
  • Periodic penetration tests
    Data security is really important. All of your data (and more importantly that of your clients) is stored in the Microsoft Azure Cloud in West Europe and so security should be at the top of the agenda.
    We are glad that we invested heavily in our certification process, especially because the world we live in today teaches us that security and privacy are important.
    TaxModel is one of the first tax technology companies being ISO27001 certified. This makes us proud!

How do you successfully implement TPdoc?

Product adoption = User import + Client import + Kick-off training + TPdoc online manual

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