Fully OECD compliant Master files and Local files at the lowest costs!

Our fulfillment center TPnext offers technology-driven file services with the delivery of fully OECD compliant Master and/or Local files, including a 24/7 service available for reporting & audit trails.

Highest quality Master/Local files

Our newest solution, TPdoc, enables our team of TP professionals to produce Master and Local files with the utmost efficiency and the highest quality. 

For building your best defense file at the lowest costs

Our TPnext file service has embedded TPdoc, our documentation platform and smart Word plug-in, guaranteeing smart, transparent, consistent, and OECD complaint documentation while offering the highest level of proof and protection during tax audits and/or due diligence processes. 

  • Semi-automation enforces consistency and reduces the risk of human error
  • Easy onboarding of existing files due to a smart Word plug-in 
  • Replacement of human effort resulting in lower pricing 

Seeing is believing

By embedding the technology in its service, TaxModel can show every step of the documentation process for full transparency of the value received for the money invested! The activities performed by the TPnext team include: 

  • Digital data collection questionnaires for onboarding and maintenance 
  • TPdoc displays the content, activity, and planning with regard to your documentation 
  • Full reporting and audit trails 

Experience our collaborative way of working

Our agile documentation services are operated from a central platform and repository. After an agreed time frame, the draft files are reviewed together with our clients before the final documentation is issued. 

  • Documentation starts only after agreeing on the approved scope
  • Client validation of specific Master file and/or Local file content
  • Joint review of draft files
  • Finalization of files after approval of the draft input
  • Access to your own TPdoc environment

Let TPnext fulfill your TP compliance needs

Scale-up your business, increase productivity, and keep your teams connected. Access more information and compare the features of our packages via the button below. 


Master File Credit

  • Priced per credit per year

  • Access to your reporting & audit trails

  • OECD compliant master file


Local File Credit

  • Priced per credit per year
  • Access to your reporting & audit trails
  • OECD compliant local file

Kickstart the next phase of your TP compliance strategy

If you have any questions about our TPnext services, or if you would like to discuss your current compliance process, our tax and IT professionals are here to help. Schedule an online meeting: