Maximal DAC6 compliance with minimal efforts

Becoming DAC6 compliant doesn’t need to be a headache. DAC6pro is intuitive, simple and brings you as fast as possible to DAC6 compliance. We focus on making compliance easy and complete.

We're the DAC6 reporting solution your team actually wants to use

How DAC6pro is set-up to minimize your administrative burden & reporting efforts

DAC6pro allows you to know exactly when you are and aren’t DAC6/MDR compliant on a country-by-country basis in one simple to use solution. Fortify your compliance strategy by embedding DAC6pro in your daily work-streams to avoid unnecessary and material penalties.

DAC6pro in a nutshell >

Client management

So you can handle all the arrangements of all your clients.

Hallmark test

To check which hallmarks are applicable to the arrangements for the countries that are involved.


So you can easily report you arrangements to the different country authorities.

Arrangement management

Gives you insight to all the arrangements per clients and helps you gather all the data that you need.

Get a feel for how you can create and assess arrangements

Why a solution like DAC6pro is a necessity

Some will try to use manual solutions like Excel, to comply, but DAC6 is complex. Of course, we are biased, but it is for a good reason. We are in the business of tax technology, and we want you to save time so you can focus on your profession, your duty.

Besides being the most affordable provider in the market out there today, there are critical benefits that a (more) manual workflow is unable to offer, like:

  • Deadline tracker and stakeholder manager
  • Cloud storage for all reportable and non-reportable arrangements
  • Bulk reporting with compliant .xml files per jurisdiction
  • Quick assessment functionality
  • Automated audit trailing

One platform for all your MDR needs

Whether you have single or multiple clients, DAC6pro is the solution to help you to always be MDR compliant. Discover how DAC6pro can support your business:

Feature 1

Hassle free compliance

Simple & User friendly design in its core, DAC6pro guides you through each step with the right know-how

Feature 2

100% DAC6 compliant

Complete documentation per arrangement with integrated audit trailing

Feature 3

The hallmark test

Decision tree to assess arrangements you are involved in

DAC6pro fits businesses of any size

We want to make it accessible for anyone that has to comply with DAC6/MDR. So, we have two main types of base subscribers for DAC6pro: multinational corporations and all the intermediaries that help in setting up arrangements.

Get your team on board

Are you interested in using DAC6pro, but you need to align your stakeholders about the potential improvement in the existing compliance strategy?

Submit your details and receive the free brochure, videos, and flowchart to share with your team.

Kickstart the next phase of your compliance strategy

  • Start within one business day
  • Unlimited users and arrangements

Whitepapers, Updates & more

Deferral of DAC6 deadlines — continued

UPDATE | June, 2020

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DAC6xml: Easily convert and report arrangements into XML files

WHITEPAPER | June, 2020

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Ask your advisors how they deal with DAC6 on your behalf

WHITEPAPER | June, 2020

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Questions to ask to DAC6 technology providers

WHITEPAPER | May, 2020

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Latest news and updates


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is DAC6pro a standalone solution?

Yes it is standalone and will be offered with our single sign-on solution TaxSuite which includes two factor authentication

Are there any deployment pre requisites / minimum system requirements?

None, all is SaaS based however, Google Chrome and internet connection is advised 😉

Can I import arrangements in bulk?

Yes you can import arrangements from .xlsx files

I don't have any reportable arrangements, why would I need a system like DAC6pro?

Whether you have reportable arrangements or not, during MDR audit, your administration must conclude that you’ve assessed every arrangement. DAC6pro provides you, your own cloud environment where you can store all your (or clients) arrangements.

Not convinced yet?

If you have any questions about the regulation itself or would you like to discuss your current compliance process. Our Tax and IT professionals are here to help you. Please contact us through +31 (0)73 800 0030 or mail your questions to

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