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Get up to speed quickly with our technology embedded Transfer Pricing Courses

We accelerate your digital transformation through highly enjoyable, actionable, and technology-embedded training programs. Learn everything you need to know about Transfer Pricing documentation and benchmarking in practice!

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All our courses are live through MS Teams or on location and are addressed to finance, legal, and tax/TP professionals with basic knowledge of transfer pricing. Looking for a bespoke course with in-depth knowledge on a specific topic? Get in touch with us and we can create a customised course suited to your needs.

Transfer Pricing Fundamentals Course

The Transfer Pricing (“TP”) fundamentals course is covered in 2 days with a total 10 hours, and an additional 6 to 8 hours dedicated to practical exercises, tests, and earning 10 PE points.

In the sessions on Day 1, you will learn about International Transfer Pricing obligations, the post-BEPS challenges, and the determination and application of the Transfer Pricing methods. The importance of the value chain analysis (VCA) to determine how the value is generated within an MNE and the correspondence attribution of profits is also covered during the first session. In addition, by using practical examples, you will learn how to correctly support the arm‘s length remuneration of the intercompany transactions.

In the sessions on Day 2, the course provides an overview of the technological TP landscape. You will learn and experience how technology serves MNEs and intermediaries to achieve Transfer Pricing OECD full compliance and the best practices for the performance of benchmarking studies and the preparation of Transfer Pricing documentation.

Day 1

  • Arm’s Length Principle
  • Base Erosion and Profit Shifting
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Functional Analysis
  • Transfer Pricing Methods

Day 2

  • Transfer Pricing Models/Policy
  • Benchmarking automation and best practices
  • Preparation of TP documentation and best practices
  • Master File
  • Local File
  • OECD compliance practices

Transfer Pricing Benchmarking Course

Our specialized Transfer Pricing Benchmarking Course offers an extensive training program designed to elevate your understanding and expertise in transfer pricing. This advanced course spans one session over 8 hours.

Mastering TP Benchmarking: By the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of how to conduct detailed and effective Transfer Pricing benchmarking studies. Learn the nuances of selecting appropriate Profit Level Indicators (PLIs) and the critical aspects of various benchmarking approaches.

Audit-Ready Documentation: Develop skills to create an audit trail and generate precise Transfer Pricing reports. These documents will not only adhere to regulatory standards but also withstand scrutiny during audits.

Practical Experience: Through hands-on exercises and real-world examples, you’ll apply what you’ve learned in a controlled environment, building confidence to handle complex TP scenarios in your professional role.

*Please note that this is a basics course and not for experienced transfer pricing professionals

Course content:

  • Functional Analysis
  • How to perform a benchmark
  • Audit trailing / make your benchmark future proof
  • Selecting PLI
  • Writing a report

Transfer Pricing Documentation Course

Our Transfer Pricing Documentation Course is a focused, one-day program that spans 8 hours, designed specifically for professionals looking to master the art of creating robust transfer pricing documentation. This course addresses the challenges associated with manual transfer pricing documentation processes and provides insights into effective strategies and compliance practices.

Navigating Documentation Challenges: Address common pitfalls and challenges in manual TP documentation and learn strategies to overcome them, ensuring a smoother, more efficient documentation process.

Enhancing Compliance and Efficiency: By the end of the course, you will be able to produce TP documentation that not only complies with international standards but also enhances the operational efficiency of the transfer pricing function.

Practical Application: Engage in practical exercises and real-world scenarios that reinforce the concepts taught and provide hands-on experience in producing effective TP documentation.

If you are looking to refine your skills or update your practices in line with current compliance requirements, this course offers valuable insights and practical tools to help you succeed.

*Please note that this is a basics course and not for experienced transfer pricing professionals.

Course Content:

  • Challenges of manual documentation
  • Transfer Pricing Models/Policy
  • Functional Analysis
  • OECD Compliant Documentation
  • Local Country exemptions

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