Accountability for taxes starts with tax accounting

Focus on harnessing tax data and uncover critical insights that support strategic decision-making within your direct tax control framework. Streamline your tax activities and have more confidence in your data.

Bring speed and insight into your Tax Reporting process

TaxProof offers a solution for easing tax accounting-related workflows for companies ranging from small to large-cap while reducing operational costs and risk..

Tax accounting made easy step by step

TaxProof funnels and simplifies key steps in the tax accounting process, like data gathering, data entering, audit trailing, consolidation, and easy updating, allowing focus on the most important part of the process, the tax position analysis.

  • UI/UX is for finance professionals that are not tax professionals and vice versa
  • Reporting packs adapt to complexity of the entity
  • Flexible help & audit trail functionality

Reduce the risk of human error

The way TaxProof is set up enforces consistency, education, and reduces the risk of human error. TaxProof also provides continuous oversight of status, users, and the tax position at both reporting entity as well as consolidation levels.

  • Various workflow features to manage status and users
  • Automatic data roll forward and FX conversion
  • Positions from prior periods are locked
  • Continuous monitoring of tax position impact

Data entry, assessment and reporting in one environment

Replacement of complex excel based spreadsheets and manual labour by smart data collection, assessment, reporting and analytics features.

  • Data can be imported thru smart Excel Plug-Ins or APIs
  • Data can be extracted for connected to other technology
  • Knowledge management
  • Extensive audit trail functionality
  • Build in possibility to communicate between users within the system

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Starting at € 208 p/m

  • Pricing based on revenue Multinational



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  • Per reporting entity (MOQ=5)

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Kickstart the next phase of your compliance strategy

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