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One platform for all your MDR needs

Discover how we can simplify your compliance process with our intuitive and market-leading software platform, DAC6pro. Achieve DAC6 compliance as quickly as possible!

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One platform for all your Mandatory Disclosure Regime needs

Whether you have a single client or multiple clients, DAC6pro is the best solution to help you always remain MDR compliant. Discover how DAC6pro can support your business.

DAC6pro represents your end-to-end DAC6 compliance process

DAC6pro has been built to ensure protection from penalties with regard to your DAC6 compliance process, by becoming 100% compliant and audit-proof in all 27 EU member states. The solution offers a secure end-to-end workflow starting from data collection and assessment, up to and including data reporting.

  • Data collection – for all data requested by the revenue authorities 
  • Data assessment – for assessing reportable or non-reportable data
  • Data reporting – for XML conversions and filing

Embedded Smart Checks, Hallmark Assessments, and Knowledgebase

DAC6pro offers smart funneling, validation, filtering, and suggestions to provide the most efficient and intelligent data collection and assessment process.

  • Funneling, validation, filtering, and suggestions based on specific countries, tax types, Hallmark hits, intermediaries, etc. 
  • Hallmark assessments – determine the hallmarks applicable to your arrangements 
  • Knowledge base provides the publicly-available EU or national information on DAC6 

Work & collaborate with anyone from anywhere, in one secure environment

With DAC6pro, various workflow features will assist you in the division of roles and responsibilities, clients, tasks, and deadline management, completed with a secure means of communication and an audit trail included within the tool. 

  • Deadline management – real-time dashboard for statuses and deadlines
  • Built-in means of communication for comments and replies, plus document uploads
  • User roles and client management roles are assigned to clients and arrangements
  • Notifications e.g., for task follow-ups or rights of privilege

DAC6pro Product Demo Videos

Watch our detailed demo videos that showcase DAC6pro’s key features and benefits.

This feature assists you in the division of roles, clients, tasks, and deadline management.


In this video, we learn about the extensive Hallmarks feature in DAC6pro.

Reportable XML Files

Learn how to create a reportable XML file using the DAC6pro tool.

Watch more

Watch the complete demo series on our YouTube channel

DAC6pro has the features your business needs

Scale-up your business, increase productivity, and keep your teams connected. Access more information and compare the features of our packages via the button below.


  • Unlimited arrangements
  • Security essentials
  • Standard support
  • Repository for arrangements
  • Export in XML 
  • Knowledge base


  • All of Basic
  • DAC6 enforcer
  • Dashboarding
  • Deadlines insight
  • Export to PDF


  • All of Premium
  • User/Client onboarding
  • Premium support
  • API
  • Enterprise control
  • Data set for BI purposes

FAQ - DAC6pro

Which countries does DAC6pro support?

DAC6pro is compatible for XML reporting in almost every EU member state. We’ve implemented the XML schemas from the following countries, : Belgium, Cyprus, Czechia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Slovakia, Sweden, United Kingdom.

We are still awaiting the technical guidelines from some countries. Whenever a country publishes its technical guidelines, our IT team typically needs two weeks to align DAC6pro.

Keep in mind that you can already start with assessing and audit trailing cross-border arrangements in DAC6pro. When the tool is in line with the new XML schema and you re-select the Disclosing Country, the system will automatically update you on missing gaps in the assessment. This way, you are prepared to convert arrangements in the XML when it is ready.

How is data security handled in DAC6pro?

We are glad that we invested heavily in our ISO certification process, especially because the world we live in today teaches us that security and privacy are important. We are one of the first tax technology companies being ISO27001 certified. This makes us proud!

All the DAC6pro data is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Platform. We take advantage of all the security and privacy features Azure provides. Our team takes additional proactive measures to maintain a secure infrastructure and make sure there are always multiple backups for infrastructure disaster recovery purposes.

We do not manage any of our own data centers; all data center operations are outsourced. Primarily we rely on Microsoft Azure as our data center hosting and management partner. The current location of our Azure servers is Amsterdam, the Netherlands and is guaranteed for a location in West Europe.

We have no reportable cross-border arrangements to disclose, why would I need a system like DAC6pro?

Many organizations are assuming that they are not affected by the mandatory disclosure rules (nor potentially exposed to penalties for non-compliance with DAC6). Organizations often argue that they have no reportable arrangements that must be disclosed and, because there is no involvement with cross-border transactions, they therefore do not need a reporting process. However, many do not consider that:

Some countries have also included domestic arrangements in their local mandatory disclosure regime, broadening the scope of their domestic DAC6 compliance rules (in addition to cross-border arrangements, or CBA);

DAC6 legislation not only demands the accurate disclosure of reportable information, but it also requires organizations to have a structured reporting process in place in order to avoid inconsistency and inaccuracy in reporting.

It should be noted that underreporting and overreporting may result in penalties, as well. It is therefore advisable to have a structured DAC6 compliance process so that any potentially reportable information will endure one and the same funnel and guarantee accurate and consistent reporting.

How do you successfully implement DAC6pro?

Product adoption = User import + Client import + Kick-off training and DAC6pro manual + bonus: Weekly DAC6 enforcer email.

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