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As a Tax Technology firm, we believe that tax professionals should focus on bespoke, complex, and intellectual content rather than on manual, redundant, and time-consuming activities. We provide direct tax solutions, tailored to serve the industry to the fullest extent possible. All our solutions are combined in one overarching interface: TaxSuite.

Scale, save time and uplift quality with TPdoc!

Whether you want to scale-up your transfer pricing practice, leverage your resources or step-up your quality standards, TPdoc is your game changer!

Double the quality of your benchmarks in half the time

Automate the time-heavy workstreams of your benchmark practices, while stepping up your process and content. Double your quality, in less than half the time!

Country-by-Country Reporting done in 3 easy steps

TPcbc is the best way to do your country-by-country Excel conversion and XML reporting. Save valuable time and money, and get started today!

Achieve Maximum DAC6 Compliance with Minimum Efforts

Becoming DAC6 compliant does not need to be a headache. DAC6pro is an intuitive ready-made process for DAC6 compliance.

Manage IFRS reporting requirements

TaxModel’s Pillar 2 Impact Analysis Solution assists multinational groups in meeting the FY23 IFRS disclosure requirements. The solution helps deliver content for the IFRS / IAS12 disclosures for your FY23 year-end close.

Accountability for taxes starts with tax accounting

TaxProof offers a tax accounting process allowing you to (re)focus on harnessing your tax data, to uncover critical insights that can support strategic decision-making within your direct tax control framework.

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