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About Us

Helping tax professionals work smarter

TaxModel has been acquired by Tax Systems.

Tax Systems, the leading tax compliance software supplier in the UK and Ireland, has announced the acquisition of TaxModel, a pioneering Dutch company specialising in innovative tax technology. This strategic move aligns with Tax Systems’ commitment to enhancing its solutions and expanding globally. Click here to read the full press release.

Simplified tax compliance for everyone!

We are here for the tax professionals who are on a mission to scale-up their practices, who hate doing repetitive workstreams manually, who believe in collaboration, want to step up their quality and leverage their resources, and who dare to stand out as innovators.

Over the past 10 years, we have serviced hundreds of clients, ranging from smaller intermediaries to some of the largest boutique firms, law firms, corporate service providers, accounting firms, and multinationals. 


TaxModel brings tax practices to the next level by: 

  • Building state-of-the-art tax technologies 
  • Providing access to the best-in-class transfer pricing services 

We help intermediaries and multinationals with solid tax technologies, so you can focus on your organization‘s mission and vision! 

Our Journey to Tax Advisory 2.0

We are in an era where the tax technology is focused on the collection and high-level assessment of tax data, with the objective of being compliant in terms of reporting. 

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Within the next 5 years, we expect to see governments and companies changing their focus to the content or quality of their tax data. In other words, they will be interested in whether companies are truly paying their fair share of taxes, their transfer pricing policies are correct, etc. 

Beyond this, we see a journey where the tax technology will become more focused on data analytics to assist government and companies in predicting tax positions, risks, and methods of improvement. TaxModel wants to be your preferred tax technology partner on this roadmap. 

Our Story

After working as international tax professional for tens of multinationals between 2005-2015, Hank noticed that a significant part of the international tax workstreams were repetitive with regards to the ways that tax data was collected, assessed, and reported. 

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Hank believes that we should stay away from automating national laws but that is possible to build a technology framework around the concepts of international guidelines such as, e.g., OECD transfer pricing guidelines, DAC6, IFRS and US GAAP.

From this believe, a company was born: TaxModel. It was founded on the believe that tax technology should be accessible for any intermediary and multinational company that takes its social responsibility seriously when it comes to advising on or paying taxes.

Today, we see a strong movement globally where governments are deploying various technologies to automate and standardise the collection, analysis and exchanging of tax data cross departments and cross countries. We want to empower businesses around the world to keep up with this movement, are in control of their tax position, and can return focus to their own mission and vision.

Our Team

Our talented & experienced team delivers amazing results

Hank Moonen
Founder, Tax Director

Sonia Muñoz
TPnext Manager

Sander Smolders
Head of IT

Sander van den Broek
TPnext Consultant

Violet Kampers
Scrum Master

Sowmya Shankar
Marketing Lead

Bono IJpelaar
Software Developer

Brian de Beer
Administrative Associate

Gerben Ockers

Medior Software Developer

Roy van Oldenbeek
Software Developer

Product Owner

Lisanne Valks
TPnext Manager

Yael Remmers
Tax Technology Specialist

Hans van Leuken
Senior Software Engineer

Krithika Sivakumar
TPnext Consultant

Caroline van Arkel
Office Manager

Thomas Nagelkerke
Graphic Designer

Lars Beek
Software Developer

Mark Rijkers
UX Designer

Sabrina van Baars
TPnext Consultant

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