Our Dream

Making tax technology a commodity for every tax professional to enjoy worldwide

Our Aim

We believe that there is a major disconnect between the tax profession and what companies and society demand from tax professionals when it comes to the cost-benefit ratio of tax advise, tax behavior and transparency. Our collective leadership approach inspires our people to contribute to tax advisory 2.0 and make taxes transparent and manageable for all companies, all their stakeholders and the public.


The way we do this is by building affordable standard software solutions that unravel the tax concept and make transparent how tax mechanics are very similar globally. We have a continuous focus on increasing business intelligence and transparency by ensuring our technology is beautifully designed, simple to use, and user friendly.


Depending on need and budget we train and coach our clients in-house to help them building their tax control framework around our technology. We make beautiful tax technology and provide focused in-house tax support services around our technology.

Our Numbers


Number of happy customers


Successful solutions in the market


Goals scored with table soccer

Our Values

These are the four values, which provide the foundation for our company and guide everything we do.


We don’t take ourselves too seriously; having fun is very important


We treat one another with respect and dignity providing a great work environment

People Focused

We encourage personal growth and development within our team


We work together and share knowledge, experience and ideas with each other

TaxModel International is ISO 27001 certified

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Our team

Our talented & experienced team delivers amazing results

Hank Moonen
Founder, Tax Director
Stijn van de Sande
Software Developer
Sonia Muñoz
TPnext Manager
Sander Smolders
Head of IT
Violet Kampers
Scrum Master
Bart Kuijpers
Head of Marketing
Seth Geurtsen
Customer Success Manager
Bono IJpelaar
Software Developer
Sander Hoge
UX Designer
Roel van Bergen
Lead Developer
Roy van Oldenbeek
Software Developer
Product Owner
Lisanne Valks
TPnext Manager
Yael Remmers
Tax Technology Specialist
Krithika Sivakumar
TPnext Consultant
Reinoud van Zoelen
Software Developer
Lars Brink
Tax Technology, Strategic Alliances
Caroline van Arkel
Office Manager
Thomas Nagelkerke
Graphic Designer
Lars Beek
Software Developer
Bilal el Amraoui
Tax Technology, Strategic Alliances
Sander van den Broek
TPnext Consultant
Patrick van Ankum
Tax Technology Specialist
Stephan Balint
TPnext Consultant
Gerben Ockers
Mark Rijkers
UX Designer
Sabrina van Baars
TPnext Consultant

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