One cloud-based platform for your benchmarks

Automate the time-heavy workstreams of your Transfer Pricing benchmark practices while stepping up your process and content. TPbenchmark improves the turnaround time while ensuring consistency, quality, and audit trails.

One cloud-based platform for your benchmarks

TPbenchmark is a cloud-based software solution that automates the transfer pricing benchmarking process to reduce the turnaround time by two-thirds, as well as improving the quality of the result by ensuring consistency and audit trailing. 

Replaces redundant and repetitive workstreams

TPbenchmark has a unique set-up for checking company websites on a single screen. The solution automatically generates the audit trail, which includes all information crucial to the user’s decision to accept or reject a company. 

  • Confirmation of all companies exported from the database 
  • Live websites are shown, translated, and highlighted on a single screen 
  • Automated audit trails to secure proof and save time 

Scrapes comparable company websites by highlighting the parameter hits

TPbenchmark works by loading the company websites into the server and making them searchable. While crawling, the user can immediately specify the search parameters. TPbenchmark then crawls the websites and trade descriptions to show the parameter hits specified by the user. 

  • Unique crawler functionality to scan and filter company websites 
  • Detailed parameter settings with a Boolean search 
  • Easy logging of the acceptance or rejection reasons 

Formula-driven results analysis and build-in reporting

TPbenchmark calculates the margin a company has achieved based on the TP method, Profit Level Indicators, and working capital adjustments (if any). The summary will show you the interquartile range, as well as the maximum and minimum results for the fiscal years selected. With TPbenchmark, you can build and export the transfer pricing benchmark report in your own desired format. 

  • Calculatory functions to calculate all the relevant results for your analysis 
  • Summary presentation of the results for review purposes 
  • Full reporting functionality, including a Word plug-in 

TPbenchmark has the features your business needs

Scale-up your business, increase productivity, and keep your teams connected. Access more information and compare the features of our packages via the button below. 

Basic ⭐

  • 20 BMs p/y
  • Standard benchmark report template
  • Security Essentials
  • Standard Support
  • Basic User Management
  • In-tool training/onboarding

Premium ⭐ ⭐

  • All of Basic
  • 100 BMs p/y
  • TM Template with own branding
  • SSO (single sign on)

Enterprise ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

  • All of Premium
  • >100 BMs p/y
  • Bespoke Template(s)
  • Enterprise Control & Security
  • Premium Support
  • Account Manager
  • TaxAcademy Training

*Excluding 3rd party comparable company database and translation costs

Kickstart the next phase of your compliance strategy

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