TPdoc Release Note March 14, 2022

If you wanted to get a feel for the content of a local file you previously had to download and synchronize the entire local file, and try to gather knowledge from the contents of the synchronized Word file. Over the past weeks, we‘ve been working on a feature that streamlines this process: the local file summary page. The summary is intended to give you a broad understanding of a local file, even if you don‘t know the exact details (yet). You can find the summary page on the Local file section of your local file.

We wanted this to be the page you come to when you want to refresh your understanding of the local file, or as a solid starting point for a discussion with a colleague. The page shows you the canvas (if the canvas is new to you please check out the previous feature highlight), in which the parties and transactions that are related to this local file are highlighted. Scrolling down the page will give you a summary of each related transaction, in which we‘ve highlighted the parties involved in your local file group.

We hope you find it as useful as we do and hope it helps you during your day-to-day transfer pricing tasks. If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.