Hallå! By popular request, we have expanded the description panels to let you enter the description in multiple languages. This expansion is applied to the Arrangement Description (in the Refinement section and seen below in the gif) and the National Provision Description (in the Enrichment section).

For some countries, these multi-language descriptions are required. In other countries without this requirement, it is a great way to communicate in multiple languages while keeping every language separate. For more information on local requirements and rulings, make sure to click the Information button, which can be found top-right any card next to the Comment button.

All of the entered descriptions (i.e., all languages) are included when exporting the arrangement. English is set as the standard language for all descriptions and cannot be removed. All pre-existing descriptions can be found in the English description tab.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, and we look forward to bringing you more features very soon!