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Get comfort on how TPdoc meets and exceeds your current quality standards, witness the time saving and get convinced how TPdoc allows maximum flexibility to deal with all your client cases and respects your firm‘s branding and best practices.

What you will learn from this webinar:

  1. Get to know how TPdoc ensures compliance and eases training  
  2. Understand TPdoc‘s ability to increase speed and save time 
  3. Discover how TPdoc is enforcing quality, consistency and compliance AND fully flexible to deal with your best practices, branding and can “meet” your clients where they are

After this webinar, you will understand how TPdoc lifts your quality assurance, how it improves your efficiency, and how it is adaptable to your transfer pricing practices.   

We also want to prove that TPdoc can manage the documentation for any size multinational and offers equal quality and efficiency benefits for intermediaries regardless of whether these prepare mainly local files for multiple clients (i.e., engaging with affiliates of multinationals) or prepare the full scope documentation (i.e., engaging with HQ of multinationals). 

Date & Time:

Kick-off: Thursday, January 27th
Time: 03:00 PM (CET)
Duration: approx. 30 minutes

Hosted by:

Hank Moonen, CEO/Founder TaxModel
Seth Geurtsen, Tax Technology Expert

September 19, 2022 in Blog, Resources, Webinars

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