Reading time: 1 minute | May 7, 2020 | by Hank Moonen

Life will be very different for most international tax professionals soon. DAC6 is the beginning of a new era. DAC6 wants you to be transparent on your tax workstreams, and non-compliance will trigger penalties starting already with penalties for minor offenses, increased penalties for gross negligence, and severe penalties for intentional ones.

So, what is your intention? Will you just sit and wait what is going to happen? Do you think the tax authorities, after their COVID-19 rescues, will be very forgiving for non-compliance with DAC6 and not seek for any means to recover money from tax advisors and taxpayers that do not play by the rule …

Do you also think that most advisors use too many words to explain impact and potential exposure?

Please click here for our quickly collated summary overview of currently published penalties

Do you want to compare these penalties with the costs of our DAC6pro solution? Please click here.

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