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TPdoc Release Note February 7, 2022

Users come into a tool with a goal in mind, and expectations on how to achieve this goal. We research this continuously and discovered that the first steps users take in a fiscal year don’t fully align with their mental model, so we’ve taken some steps and moved things around to improve on this alignment. Below you will find a small summary of things that have changed and where to find them:

  • Group name and abbreviation are moved to fiscal year;
  • Headquarter country is moved to headquarters within business;
  • Preparing party is moved to business;
  • Abbreviations are moved to business.

Group name and abbreviation

The group name and abbreviation are moved to the creation of a fiscal year and automatically copies them when roll-forwarding a fiscal year. You can always alter the group name and abbreviation by using the edit function.

Headquarter country

Preparing party


We hope that re-locating peripheral matters will help streamline the process and improve your experience with TPdoc. If you have any feedback for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.