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TPdoc Release Note February 2, 2022

Transactions are one of the core concepts in TPdoc. They play a vital part in your transfer pricing documentation and in proving that your transactions are within arm’s length. Previously, users were only able to add one benchmark per transaction. This limited them in the amount of evidence they could supply to prove that a transaction is withing arm’s length. To help our users supply more evidence we enabled them to add multiple benchmarks for a given transaction. You can now add new benchmarks in the local data section.

To minimize the amount of effort needed to create a new benchmark, you are able to import a benchmark directly from our TPbenchmark application. All information from the export will automatically be filled in and the only thing you need to do is double-check and hit save. Besides an import, you are also able to enter the information manually.

For each entity flow, you are able to specify performance and assign a benchmark. Once that’s done TPdoc will automatically calculate whether the transaction is within arm’s length.

Since benchmarks are closely connected to transactions we also improved the user experience for managing transactions. The new interface will provide a better overview for our users.

We hope that the ability to add multiple benchmarks to a transaction helps you streamline your transfer pricing process and improves your experience with TPdoc. If you have any feedback for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.