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Over the past month, we’ve added new features, fixed bugs, and applied general improvements. Here is an overview of all the changes and bugfixes applied over the past month.

New features

  • Export support for Belgium ðŸ‡§ðŸ‡ª and Czechia ðŸ‡¨ðŸ‡¿.
  • Multi-language Description and National Provision (for more info, see the feature highlight below)
  • Highlighting (for more info, see the feature highlight below)


  • Performance has been improved in multiple ways to make the application faster.
  • The implementation date now shows a message when the user selects a date before the 25th of June 2018.
  • Cards now elevate when hovering over them.
  • A link to the Help center has been added to the top-right menu.
  • When a user tries to export a country we do not yet support, they now get a friendly message.

Bug fixes

  • Users can no longer be locked out of DAC6pro when they don’t have access to any clients. Instead, they are navigated to a friendly page and can use the navigational bar to contact the Help Center.
  • Users can not access Finalization after an arrangement had already been finalized.
  • Sorting and searching on the Manage Clients dialog has been improved.
  • Viewers looking at Hallmarks will now clearly see which values are selected.
  • The Dashboard page now also works with a lot of clients selected. We also created ways to prevent this kind of issue from reappearing elsewhere in the future.
  • The “Status Disclosing Person” on the Refinement page now only shows up when you need it.
  • Validation errors now use the same consistent color of red across the application.
  • Sorting of tables is now case insensitive.
  • Additional Info pages are now only accessible when all previous pages are filled in.

If you have any questions or want to know more about the changes listed above, please let us know!


Ask them via the contact form below.