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Over the past month, we have added new features, fixed bugs, and applied general improvements. Here is an overview of all the changes and bugfixes applied over the past month.

New features

  • Export support for Sweden 🇸🇪, including the Sweden-specific “sections.”
  • Users can now manually mark an arrangement as reportable if we would otherwise suggest it would be non-reportable,  as seen in a previous feature highlight.
  • Users can now add an Internal Reference to an arrangement (as seen in a previous feature highlight)
  • Arrangements and bundles can now be reverted to a previous state (as seen in a previous feature highlight)
  • Users can now see the history of an arrangement, which is updated whenever the state of an arrangement changes.
  • Users can download a previous snapshot of an arrangement. A snapshot is made every time an arrangement or bundle is reverted.


  • TIN is now required for the Disclosing Person/Organization
  • Lead taxpayer now only shows up when there are multiple taxpayers, regardless of their nexus.
  • Users with only one involved country now proceed to finalize if that country is not a member state.
  • The Amount input field has been improved and saves each value individually and faster.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that occurred when trying to export multiple arrangements at once for countries other than the Netherlands
  • Fixed a bug on the dashboard that stopped expired deadlines showing up in bright red
  • Fixed a bug that stopped a user from finalizing a non-reportable Belgian arrangement when some National Provision texts were not yet filled in
  • Fixed an issue that displayed multiple nexus countries below each other instead of next to each other

If you have any questions or want to know more about the changes listed above, please let us know!