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Over the past month, we have added new features, fixed bugs, and applied general improvements. Here is an overview of all the changes and bug fixes applied over the past month.

New features

  • It is now possible as a reporter to provide Belgium with the additional information it needs.
  • The user admin is now the only one who can edit the DAC6 enforcer users.
  • The “bundles” concept is removed from the reporting section. You can still select multiple arrangements, but they will be generated into separate XML files
  • We’ve created an “applicable hallmarks overview” that tells the users which hallmarks are marked as applicable.


  • The monetary amount is now showing the currency in the Summary PDF. We also added commas to large amounts to improve readability.
  • As of now, we show a warning message when a hallmark is set to apply, and an explanation is required for filing.
  • The sign-off component on the finalize page is always visible from now on. A warning message will appear when you’re not ready yet to sign off.
  • The required actions and the sidebar are now using the same labels to avoid confusion.

Bug fixes

  • England is added back to the list of disclosing countries, which means that you can export British XML’s again.
  • Belgium needs additional information from the reporter.
  • When you’re reverting an arrangement in the “Approved not reportable” state, you no longer get an error, and the arrangement is actually reverted.
  • When you don’t put any taxpayers in the arrangement, the arrangement is now seen as not reportable on the finalize page so that you can finalize.
  • The Swedish main benefit test is different from the regular main benefit test. This has now been adjusted.
  • An arrangement is no longer reportable when the implementation date is set before 25 June 2018.

We hope these updates help you in your continued work with DAC6Pro. If you have any questions or want to know more about the changes listed above, please let us know!