Over the past month, we have added new features, fixed bugs, and applied general improvements. Here is an overview of all the changes and bugfixes applied over the past month.

New features

  • Export support for Greece 🇬🇷 and Italy 🇮🇹.
  • Receiving countries can now be defined on the Enrichment page.
  • Reviewers can no longer finalize unsupported countries since we cannot guarantee a complete assessment for those countries.


  • Sweden was temporarily disabled because the government was unclear about which hallmarks should be reported. This issue was swiftly resolved, and Sweden is now enabled again. The application has been updated to reflect the information we received from the Swedish government.
  • Country of tax residence can now be defined per taxpayer and intermediary. This value is required, and existing taxpayers and intermediaries have their country of tax residence set to their country of residence.
  • The arrangement overview has a new title, which now shows the client you’re currently working on.
  • Exempt countries are now set on a per-intermediary basis instead of on a per-arrangement basis.
  • Some countries (Germany and Sweden so far) only support certain disclosure reasons. We updated DAC6pro to reflect this.

Bug fixes

  • The documentation plugin for Affected Persons and Associated Enterprises now correctly show their related pages.
  • Multiple improvements to the Viewer mode of an arrangement. Some elements looked like they could still be interacted with, while they couldn’t. Now all components should display as “read-only” properly again.

We hope these updates help you in your continued work with DAC6pro. If you have any questions or want to know more about the changes listed above, please let us know!