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Over the past month, we have added new features, fixed bugs, and applied general improvements. Here is an overview of all the changes and bugfixes applied over the past month.

New features

  • Export support for Romania 🇷🇴.
  • Users can now freely move through an arrangement as soon as the Setup is completed.
  • Required actions, a new component, has been added to the Finalize page. It shows users which pages need attention before being able to finalize.
  • Added the Arrangement Owner role, which can be used to make a user Owner for a specific arrangement.
  • The new Hallmark Conclusions card displays a quick summary of which hallmarks are applicable and, if a filing is made, are filed. It can be found at the bottom of the Hallmarks page.
  • Taxpayers and Intermediaries now have a “view” action in case you are a viewer.


  • The Refinement and Hallmark pages have been swapped to reflect better the way our users use our application.
  • The receiving country’s suggestion now also takes the nexus country of the disclosing person or organization into account.
  • If you’re preparing an arrangement, you can, if needed, leave Tax Types as Not Determined. The reviewer will have to enter the tax types before being able to finalize.
  • The arrangement overview is now sorted by Last Modified by default, and the client overview model is not sorted by Name by default.

Bug fixes

  • “Status Disclosing Person” is not added to the sidebar for quick navigation.
  • The summary below the national provision (where it shows the hallmarks marked as applicable) now shows DAC6D2 properly instead of A, B and C individually.
  • When accessing an arrangement as a viewer, you can now see which persons and/or organizations are using their right of privilege.

We hope these updates help you in your continued work with DAC6Pro. If you have any questions or want to know more about the changes listed above, please let us know!