Welcome, Hansuke Consulting, as a VAR of TaxSuite!

Reading time: 1 minute | July 15, 2020 | by Ali Kazimi & Hank Moonen

Our mission is to make tax technology a commodity for tax professionals globally. With the addition of Hansuke Consulting to TaxModel’s Value Added Reseller network, we gain much quicker access to the United Kingdom. We are super excited and proud that a firm such as Hansuke wants to join our mission and ambition.

I look forward to our cooperation and to learn from Hansuke’s tax and market expertise and joint presentation to United Kingdom clients and prospects.

Hank Moonen,
Founder & CEO TaxModel

Hansuke Consulting:

We are really impressed with TaxModel’s business ethos and client focus. Their agility and client-centric approach fuse tax advisory and technological solutions; TaxModel uniquely hones in on the client experience, implementing UX design philosophies at every level. DAC6pro is a natural step for our DAC6 clients seeking to operationalize their reporting.

At Hansuke, we are genuinely looking forward to deepening our relationship with Hank and his team.

Ali Kazimi,
Managing Director of Hansuke

About TaxModel International

TaxModel is an ISO 27001 certified SaaS company focused on automating international direct tax workflows with regard to transfer pricing, tax provisioning, forecasting, and supporting tools. We offer affordable off-the-shelf solutions for any size multinational, audit firms, law firms, and boutique tax firms.


About Hansuke Consulting

Hansuke Consulting is a London-based specialist financial services consulting firm working with leading financial institutions across a number of disciplines. We help our clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals.

Our firm is committed to delivering outstanding results with over 100 years of cumulative knowledge and experience in the financial services industry.