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Say hello to TPdoc

Reading time: 7 minutes | October 17, 2019 | by Sander Hoge

It was a lot of fun designing the user experience for TPdoc, and our team is very proud of the result.


TPdoc is designed to make the documentation efforts of the TP professional a lot more pleasant. Data-driven, stuffed with smart workflows and interactions that feel natural. 


Gamified workflows

Who said documenting files is boring? In TPdoc, we visualized the transfer pricing workflow as if they were levels in a game. Every workflow stage has it‘s own checklist you must complete in order to go to the next level.

Check. Check. Check. Quadruple check.

TP specialists use checklists for everything, so we made checking things the pumping heart of TPdoc. Furthermore, we wanted TPdoc to help them create master and local files in a fast and intuitive way. So we designed practical, actionable interactions in a distraction less environment. To prevent information overflow, TPdoc offers step by step guidance.

Designed like a conversation

When designing TPdoc, we applied conversational patterns to retrieve all necessary data in such a way users don‘t get overwhelmed with choices and options. By explaining every step of the way, they know exactly what is expected and why it is important.

Enterprise software that feels like an app 

We designed intuitive drag & drop interfaces, smart questionnaires, and modern designed checklists to make working with TPdoc a breeze.

Just like Word

With TPdoc there is no need to install any additional software. Editing of master and local files happens directly within the secured online environment of TPdoc, using a fast and intuitive document editor.

Smart tags to the rescue

TPdoc unlocks the magic of smart data tags in your file including data tables and automatically generated data visualizations.

Most valuable features 

 Let‘s share our favorite TPdoc features that will save TP specialists a lot of time and offer some great value:


· Smart dashboards to display transfer pricing activity

· Easy entry of business group information

· Import and update entities via Excel lists

· Add transactions per entity and record related information

· Smart implementation of FAR analysis, qualification and associated exceptions

· Automatically generate master and local files

· Editing your files directly in your browser

· Automatic generation of tables and graphs based on certain criteria

· Visualization of transaction data at world map level

· Re-use of tax information from previous years


Let us know what you think

What do you think of our designs and approach for TPdoc? Let us know what you think! 

In the next blogs, we‘ll share some new features and exciting ideas our team is currently working on to make TPdoc an even better experience.

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