COVID-19 related tax measures by country

Reading time: 1 minute | March 20, 2020 | by Hank Moonen

First of all, we hope that you are safe and in good health!


As a small gesture in today‘s crisis, we have prepared a high-level overview by country of COVID-19 related tax measures globally. It may help you, or your clients, in the cash/liquidity struggles COVID-19 has put most of us in.


We would like to share it with you and kindly ask you to pay it forward into your network of clients and partners. Please help us (for your region) in keeping this overview as actual as possible. Let us know in the comments in case of questions, remarks, or better information you may have received from other sources. Click on the link below.


Stay safe, team TaxModel International.

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This information is for general information purposes only and is free of charge by TaxModel. Its purpose is to collate and provide an accessible overview of COVID-19 related tax measures that may provide relief for our clients, prospects, and any other party that may benefit from this in the global community. This can be seen as TaxModel‘s small contribution in these challenging times. 


Given the changeable nature of laws, rules, regulations, and information in general, and the inherent hazards of electronic communication, there may be delays, omissions, or inaccuracies in information contained in this overview.


While we have exercised the highest possible care in the compilation and maintenance of the information provided on this overview, TaxModel In-House B.V. or its shareholders and affiliates cannot guarantee the completeness, timeliness and/or accuracy of the information. Accordingly, TaxModel accepts no liability for direct or consequential damage resulting from the use of, reliance on or action taken based on information provided on this website.


Certain links in this overview connect to other websites maintained by third parties. TaxModel does not control, make, or maintain these websites. Accordingly, TaxModel accepts no liability whatsoever for direct or consequential damage resulting from (the use of) the content of websites to which links are included in this overview.

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