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Reading time: 2 minutes | November 26, 2019 | by Marcel Kerff, Össur

Our web-enabled tax accounting solution TaxProof helps companies like Össur with their Tax Reporting process. We are happy and proud to have been of service to them for several years now. Marcel Kerff, Tax Director at Össur shares his experiences with us:
“TaxProof offers a web-enabled tax pack that provides both the ability to calculate quarterly tax provisions as well as the ability to effectively review tax provisions submitted by local finance teams around the globe. When looking to move away from an internally developed excel based tax pack, we looked at various options, including ERP integrated systems. For a relatively small multinational like Össur, an ERP integrated tax accounting system is too expensive, too cumbersome to set up and maintain and lacks the flexibility and ease of use necessary to convince finance teams to move away from traditional (excel based) tax provision solutions.”


“We have been using TaxProof now for several years. We have not only been able to gain better insight into local numbers and safe time preparing and reviewing but have also been able to increase the effectiveness of our internal and external tax reporting through better insights and more accurate numbers. Various parts of our tax control framework, most notably the return to provision process, have seen significant improvements since we started using TaxProof.”


“TaxProof is easy to set up, extremely user-friendly with the TaxModel team always ready to help.”