Comprehensive information can differ from local file to local file. Some countries simply require different information, and other countries might want a more in-depth look into some aspects of your organization. This led to having to manually change these values in the template and having to keep them up to date outside of TPdoc. Therefore, we‘ve made it possible to specify the comprehensive information for each local file. The comprehensive information can be found per local file group and has been split up into three sections: business overview, finance, and document setup. The TaxModel template has been adjusted to reflect this structure as well.

The Business overview page contains History, General business, Strategy, Active industry, Industry overview, Products & Services, Value drivers, Key competitors, Restructuring, acquisition and divestments, and Advance tax rulings.

The Finance page contains Internal finance and External finance.

The Document setup page contains Preparing party name, Preparing party abbreviation, Abbreviations, Transfer pricing regulations, and OECD comparability analysis.

We hope you find these features as helpful as we do and that they help you with your day-to-day tasks. Try TPdoc for 30-days, 100% free, with automatic cancellation.