Over the past few weeks, we have been working to ensure you can localize your data for specific files. We started this journey by making it possible for you to add details to the functions on three levels: Intercompany Model, Controlled Transaction, and Local File. This meant that you temporarily had to deal with two different ways of entering data within TPdoc.

This misalignment between the functions, risks and assets might have been a bit confusing for you. However, it allowed us to experiment with the solution that would work best. We processed the feedback we received on implementing the functions, and are now rolling out the same system for risks and assets. This will enable you to localize the entire functional analysis in the same way.

This change includes how functions, risks, and assets are set up on the Intercompany Model, as well as in Controlled Transactions and the Local File, along with any exceptions.

The following pages have been adjusted:

Intercompany Model:

Controlled transaction:

Local file:

We hope you find these features as helpful as we do and that they help you with your day-to-day tasks. Try TPdoc for 30-days, 100% free, with automatic cancellation.