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In the last couple of months, we have been approached by several multinationals and intermediaries, asking whether we were planning to build a Pillar Two / GloBE solution. Following this, we initiated research on the appetite and urgency for such a solution within our community of tax professionals.   

Based on the number of interviews with tax directors, as well as the positive responses to our Pillar Two sample calculation and our Pillar Two webinar, we learned that Pillar Two is foremost in the minds of most tax professionals operating in the international income tax space. 

The reason for this is obvious: Pillar Two requires a solid tax accounting process, and the impact of Pillar Two could already impact the tax reporting for 2023, or 2024 at the latest. This means there is ample time to get your updated processes in place. 

We aim to deliver a go-to-market Pillar Two Module in January 2023, with the exact timing depending on the release of the final GloBE Rules. During this webinar, we will present TaxModel‘s why, how, and what of Pillar Two software with a first LIVE preview of the PillarTwo proof of concept module. 

What you will learn from this webinar: 

  • Why you may consider using software for Pillar Two compliance  
  • A better understanding of TaxModel Pillar Two software roadmap  
  • The benefits of joining our Pillar Two Early Bird program 
  • Live preview of our Pillar Two Proof of Concept module

After this webinar, you will be in a better position to assess if and, if yes, when you would need software for your Pillar Two analysis and compliance. We will also touch upon your tax accounting processes, and the level of automation as basis for the GloBE analysis.  

Want to receive the recording of our previous Pillar Two webinar? Click here! 


Kick-off: Thursday, June 16
Time: 03:00 PM (CEST)
Duration: approx. 45 minutes
Hosted by: Hank Moonen, CEO/Founder TaxModel