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The new face in Transfer Pricing Documentation, download brochure

Reading time: 1 minute | January 30, 2019 | by Eleonore Saija

TPdoc, our smart documentation tool for transfer pricing professionals, is developed to fortify your multinational‘s international transfer pricing policy towards the relevant tax authorities. While transfer pricing documentation is governed by OECD guidelines and country legislation, we designed TPdoc to navigate you through that landscape.


Building documentation hassle-free and intuitively 

TPdoc eliminates the challenges one is faced with when preparing, sorting, and bringing together all the needed files, as it is mostly done by hand. Now, thanks to TPdoc, the process of building solid and consistent transfer pricing documentation is within everyone‘s reach. More importantly, building your documentation in TPdoc will feel like you‘re working in Word, in a guided and funneled way. Hassle-free and intuitively.


TPdoc will put you in the driver‘s seat of your transfer pricing process by way of:

– an intuitive user-driven, software supported workflow

– a data-centric, vertical, and horizontal build of master and local file, enforcing consistency on all levels

– enabling the import of existing, Word-based, master and local files to facilitate your template

– and smart dashboarding.


Smarter. Faster. 100%. How? Meet TPdoc by TaxModel.


Download our free TPdoc brochure: