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Reading time: 1 minute | November 13, 2019 | by Hank Moonen

We are proud to announce that we are getting close to the minimum number of firms with a confirmed interest in our MDR initiative. The current firms interested include top tier Dutch law firms, global law firms, mid 4 / top 10 accounting firm and tax advisory firms. We are grateful for having so many significant firms interested.

Therefore, we are motivated to continue the MDR / DAC6 initiative. A bit later than promised per our outing, but we are now ready to share the YES community (and all others), the key features we foresee for the MDR/DAC6 solution together with a survey where you can confirm or provide comments. This means that you have the first say in the MDR software MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version without even having to commit.

This outing has the objective to identify – together with you – what features an MDR / DAC6 solution should contain to ensure that we together as a community decides what a best practice tool must be about. To achieve this, we have listed the features we have identified based on our research and discussions with interested parties.


Can you please indicate (in Typeform) with a rating of 1 – 5 stars, to what extent a feature is essential to you? You can also leave comments in the text fields to make statements on items you are missing or in case features are unclear to you.

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