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We believe that many firms are struggling with the same Mandatory Disclosure Rules issues as the firms we talked to… Our different thinking is therefore to bundle forces, intelligence and investment. 

What do we want to do:

TaxModel wants to build an MDR software solution together with you! A first guestimate indicates that we require a minimum of € 125,000 upfront funding to build the MDR software solution. We are willing to invest € 5,000 ourselves but we are still € -120,000 short. We therefore would like to dare you to contribute € 5,000 as well!

How should this work:

On October 1th you will receive an invitation to confirm your firm‘s interest to participate latest on the 31th of October – a simple YES or NO will do. If you state YES you will provide a first MDR flow chart to get a feel for the happy flow of the MDR solution (and that you feel that we know what we talk about). Some of our colleagues will contact you to ensure that you do not miss the above response window.

Read more about the threshold for continuing, your investment and the return of investment at:

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