Every little bit counts! Companies in the travel, hospitality, or entertainment industry get DAC6pro for free until 31 December 2021. If you want to be DAC6 compliant but have zero budget, we have a gift for you!

The impact of the coronavirus measures globally is huge, and not yet predictable, on both revenue and supply chains. Decisions being taken to shut down hotels, restaurants, theme parks, cinemas, not to mention the entire disruptive effect of the travel ecosystem, all have a significant impact on worldwide tourism. As a team, operators and investors are trying to mitigate the cash and working capital issues.

TaxModel has not been hit by COVID-19. We want to give something back, not money but software.

If your company’s core activities are in the travel, hospitality, or entertainment industry, we offer a free DAC6pro license, free Azure environment, and free service desk access until 31 December 2021. The only return favor we ask from you is that we are allowed to use your brand name for marketing purposes (only).

Fill in the contact form below, and one of our experts will contact you within one business day to validate and set-up your companies’ DAC6pro license.