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The advantages of an automated benchmark analysis

Reading time: 1 minutes | February 18, 2020 | by Yael Remmers

Automate your benchmarking process and reduce the turnaround time with two-thirds! Check in one overview the difference between a manual benchmarking process versus the process thru our TPbenchmark solution.


TPbenchmark gathers all data relevant for the manual search process on a single screen, which allows its users to decide on the acception or rejection of a company based on all company information available. TPbenchmark automatically prepares an audit trail including all information crucial to the user‘s decision to accept or reject a company. TPbenchmark‘s audit trail is automatically saved for later review.

Automate your manual steps in the benchmarking process, get to know TPbenchmark. Set-up your demo by filling your information below or get in touch right away by calling + 31 (0)73 800 00 30.