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We support talented students

Reading time: 1 minute | January 31, 2020 | by Students Avans

“Let’s introduce ourselves. We are four students currently following the minor Online Marketing at Avans University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands. In August last year, we had to find a company for which we could write a strategic online optimization report. So, we started to write some e-mails to a few companies in the nearby area of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, and shortly after, TaxModel contacted us that they were interested in a collaboration.”


“In the beginning, we were rather pessimistic because of the professional and challenging sector the company is in, but we went on a first meeting anyway. During the meeting, the TaxModel team has been able to dispel our doubts. They gave us the feeling that we were appreciated and that we could contribute to the future success of the business. Besides, the team was just ‘normal’ people like us, and not the professional types in suites which we thought in the beginning. A big plus!”


“During the period, we regularly visited TaxModel on location for feedback and in-depth conversations, and they helped us along the way. The growth-team was very open to us, and that contributed to a positive result of the report. The communication with TaxModel along the way was rather easy, and they responded quickly to our e-mails and phone calls.”


“In the end, we passed our minor, and we would like to thank TaxModel for being a great partner along the way!”


Sjors Mandemakers, Kevin Houtzager, Jasmijn van Iersel, Youssra Ouchene



TaxModel is happy to help young, motivated students in their professional careers. We are open to collab with universities -mostly in the Netherlands- and offer students the opportunity to do their (graduation) internship in one of our teams. Besides, we support students during their minor.


Are you motivated and eager to learn as much as possible while being part of an ever growing team in ‘s-Hertogenbosch? Connect with us and send us your application at [email protected].