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Our entire transfer pricing product family gets a new logo!

Reading time: 3 minutes | September 30, 2019 | by Bart Kuijpers

We’ve got exciting news to share; our entire transfer pricing (tp) product family gets a new logo! We’re happy to share these branding updates with you and zoom in on why we made them.


In June we proudly launched our newest tool: TPdoc (web-enabled transfer pricing documentation tool). Alongside this tool, we’ve developed a new brand identity with its own hand made and unique font style, exclusively for our transfer pricing products, collectively branded under TPframework solutions. The creation of a new tool was the perfect start for creating new designs for all of our TPframework solutions.


The connection between different entities has been the genesis for the new ‘TP’logo. The fluent line connecting two dots represent the connection between the many entities in a multinational. We know it’s important that when people see our logos, they recognize that it’s part of our TPframework solutions. That’s why all of these solutions will be using the same ‘TP’ branding. We are also using the fluent line in our upcoming marketing expressions. This new logo is focused on the future and reflects the flow of our TPframework solutions. It’s original, innovative, and fits well with our target audience.

What we have changed and what not: 

We rebranded TaxBenchmark as TPbenchmark and TaxCBC as TPcbc. Both tool names are set in lowercase in combination with the uppercase “TP” logo. In addition to these small changes, we added ‘TPquestionnaire’ (web-enabled transfer pricing questionnaire) and ‘TPworkflow’ (web-enabled transfer pricing calendar tool) to our transfer pricing product family. With these additions, we’re creating an increasingly complete transfer pricing software suite for our customers worldwide.


We are currently upgrading our online communications, including our website. Later this year we will update the logos and the names in our software tools.


So remember; it’s still us. But more consistent in our expressions and, we hope, more recognizable.


Bart Kuijpers, online marketer @ TaxModel