We've expanded our global outreach! Welcome, Alder & Sound as a VAR of TaxSuite!

Reading time: 1 minute | May 7, 2020 | by Petteri Rapo & Hank Moonen

Our mission is to make tax technology a commodity for tax professionals globally. With the addition of Alder & Sound to TaxModel’s Value Added Reseller network, we gain much quicker access to the Nordic and Baltic regions. We are super excited and proud that a first tier firm such as Alder & Sound wants to join our mission and ambition.


I look forward to our cooperation and to learn from Alder & Sound’s tax and market expertise and joint presentation to Nordic and Baltic clients and prospects.


Hank Moonen,
Founder & CEO TaxModel


Alder & Sound:

Our mission in digital solutions is to be the missing link between the best solutions on the market and the individual needs of our customers. With the addition of TaxModel to our prestigious partner network, we are able to expand our portfolio and cater our clients with a wide range of their easy-to-use solutions for various tax and transfer pricing use cases.


I really look forward to our cooperation and embarking this digital journey with them. Together, we shall help our clients in streamlining their compliance processes, one burdensome and time-consuming task at a time.


Petteri Rapo,
Partner Transfer Pricing Services Alder & Sound



About TaxModel International

TaxModel is an ISO 27001 certified SaaS company focused on automating international direct tax workflows with regard to transfer pricing, tax provisioning, forecasting, and supporting tools. We offer affordable off-the-shelf solutions for any size multinational, audit firms, law firms, and boutique tax firms.


About Alder & Sound

Alder & Sound was born out of a need to find an alternative to rigid modes of operation and hierarchical organizations. Since 2010, we have catered to a wide variety of Finnish and international clients with extensive professional services. We also actively develop new, innovative approaches and represent the leading digital expert solutions in the Nordic and Baltic regions.