Let TPnext fulfil your TP compliance dreams

Achieve maximum transfer pricing compliance effortlessly with TPnext. It’s independent, 100% transparent, and technology-driven — all while offering better quality and pricing that is up to 75% lower than that offered by the Big Four!

Highest standards for commodity prices

Historically, most TP-related advisory services were considered to be high-end tax advice. Over time, these workstreams have increasingly become a commodity.

We believe that you shouldn’t pay high-end prices for commodity services. That’s why we have invested in IT and workstreams — so we can offer you commodity services for commodity prices. We’ll take care of your benchmarks and transfer pricing files annually for up to 75% below the rates charged by the Big Four, while maintaining the highest industry standards.

Our solutions — TPbenchmark and TPdoc — enable our team of professionals to produce benchmarks and TP files with the utmost efficiency and quality. But this is not just a bold statement. We’ve produced hundreds of benchmarks and TP files and, in the Netherlands, we’ve already become the largest benchmark service provider after the Big Four. With your help, we will outpace the Big Four in delivering benchmarks and TP files… better, faster and cheaper!

Why TPnext?

If you are troubled by the following thoughts or questions:

- How do I become TP-compliant each year, without dedicating too many of my in-house resources or running up my external advisory costs budget?

- I am required to have up-to-date benchmarks and TP files, but do these really have to be so expensive?

- I need quality and control, but I don’t want to — again — pay Big Four names and high-end international tax professionals to scan websites for me, or to perform the simple compliance task of preparing and maintaining TP files.

Imagine a partner...

... who gives you access to your TP files, benchmarks, and audit trails — whenever you want — through beautiful, proprietary tax technology. Technology such as our benchmark solution, TPbenchmark, which has been through 3-18 months of demonstrations, testing, and trainings. All test teams (consisting of transfer pricing experts) have confirmed that it 100% does what it promises by three out of the Big Four, one of the four mid-tier firms, one of the largest law firms, as well as one tax authority.

... who is 100% transparent, more efficient and quicker than any Big Four firm.

… who allows you to shine with your stakeholders by delivering at the highest industry standards and at up to 75% below Big Four pricing.

TPnext, TaxModel’s fulfillment center, is dedicated to fulfilling all your transfer pricing compliance needs.

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Transparent & Affordable

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