Pillar 2 early registration program

Thank you for registering for the Pillar 2 software early registration program. We have received your interest and will get in touch with you shortly.


  • Access to all PillarTwo features as per roadmap, including free use of all premium features developed before 2026 (if any)
  • Unlimited number of constituent entities
  • Unlimited number of users
  • 25% price discount, i.e., € 22,500 i.o. € 30,000*
  • 25% price discount on TaxProof subscription fee if purchased together
  • Subscription fee per annum or per month**
  • 3-year subscription, including price guarantee
  • Early access to our Pillar Two community feedback, experiences, and knowledge

*    Agreement Signed before 1st of May 2023, payment before the 1st of June 2023
**  Discount is 20% in case of monthly fee (i.e., € 2,000 per month i.o. € 2,500 per month), subject
to automatic collection agreement

Tax provisioning as basis for Pillar Two

For MNE Groups that are also worried about not being in control of their tax provisioning process as the basis for Pillar Two, we also offer TaxProof, our TaxSuite module for tax provisioning, which has been updated for collecting the new Pillar Two data points and calculating the Pillar Two impact for (IFRS or other central GAAP) reporting purposes. To know more about TaxProof, please click here.