How to get your TP documentation done the smart way 

Meet TPdoc, the smart documentation for TP professionals. Designed to put you in the driver’s seat of your multinationals documentation, globally and locally.

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Fortifying your Transfer Pricing Compliance

Todays realm of Transfer Pricing Documentation is governed by OECD guidelines and country legislation. The job to be done is to fortify the transfer pricing policy towards the relevant tax authorities. To make sure you are all set to drive your client’s transfer pricing process home, TaxModel presents you TPdoc.

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Creating Files Faster

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What is the TPdoc workflow?

TPdoc’s approach can be defined in three steps: 

  1. base data preparation 
  2. master file creation 
  3. local data preparation and local file creation. 

What is special about the TPdoc workflow?

TPdoc is designed from a data-driven, top-down approach of documentation building. By gathering the data intelligently, TPdoc automatically discloses your data in tables, and displays parameters such as years, names and legal entities in a consistent manner. 

The Magic that is TPdoc – what’s up with that?

TPdoc is developed to interpret your transfer pricing policy and through that, to build your document in a smart way. This happens by means of interlinking the different elements needed, such as the parties involved in a transaction, the entities of which they consist, its location and where the transaction takes place.