Brings speed and insight into your Tax Reporting process

TaxProof is a web-enabled tax accounting solution, developed for anyone exposed to tax and accounting. TaxProof offers a solution for easing tax accounting related work flows for companies ranging from small to large cap.


Cut down time

Automating manual steps in the tax reporting process, like data gathering and footnote creation, enables you to focus on value adding Tax Data Analysis work.

Increase transparency and visibility

The user friendly interface only shows you what you need to see, and not much more. Less clutter gives more focus on your tax reporting job. Flexible help & audit trail functionality shows what you have done and improves how you do it.

Replace complex spreadsheets

Tax reporting in Excel is a challenge. Complex spreadsheets are time consuming to fill and difficult to understand fully. Minimise your reliance on spreadsheets for tax reporting and step into the 21st century.



Clean and fresh looking ‘viewbox’ style dashboard provides you with with an easy-to-use starting point for your tax reporting work. You can see your to-do list, worldmap with status update and track your progress on the dashboard and as such provides you with a clear overview.

Easy and logical setup

TaxProof is designed to make your tax reporting life as easy as possible. This is reflected in the easy to read and logical setup of all screens and reports. The way that TaxProof is meant to be used follows the natural flow of the tax reporting process. The initial setup is easy: TaxProof can be up and running within two days!

Integrated help-function

All screens in TaxProof have a dedicated help function, guiding you through the steps of the tax reporting process with information relevant to the screen you are working on. Still have questions? We are happy to help out!

Affordable Pricing



Per Entity Per Year
  • €1,800Server
  • €1,600Training

Tax Advisory


Per Review
  • €1,800Server
  • €1,600Training



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