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Supporting Tools

The TaxModel supporting tools work across the TaxSuite while synchronizing data and functionality between solutions. They offer excellent stand alone functionality as well.

TaxDataroom is an online information repository for storing and sharing documents in the TaxSuite. TaxModel software solutions can be linked to TaxDataroom so that all TaxTrails from the various solutions will automatically roll into TaxDataroom.

TaxManagement is a dashboard and graphical interface application, enabling the user to easily share and present data from the TaxModel Software Suite. This interface solution facilitates easy overviews, noticing trends, offering insights and quick decision making and taking.

TaxQuestionnaire is a software application that can be used to send out questionnaires for multiple purposes in an intuitive environment, providing the option to create different templates, view the status of outgoing questionnaires and manage your relations.

TaxStructure is a Know-Your-Customer (“KYC”) tool that is centralizing client and user management data for applications within the TaxSuite. The advantage is that all KYC data can be entered and stored in one location and all tools can tap into this data saving repeat efforts.

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