Workflows the easy way

ExtendedFlow is a web-based solution that allows large-scale collaborative planning and decision-making for all your tax and finance processes. Calendar setting, dashboards, audit trails and selective user access enable safe and simultaneous planning in real time. ExtendedFlow cloud planning solution enables an organization to run virtually any planning process by connecting data, people, and plans in every part of a business.


Reduces time spent and increases efficiency

No more delays or waiting time when you want to know the status of your all important workflows. No more time spent on follow-up emails and calls. Reallocate tasks fast and easy if not completed on schedule.

Provides new business insights

Find out what potential bottlenecks in your organization are and create awareness at the employee level. Knowledge about your workflows and insight on actual timing helps improving efficiency the next time around.

Flexible and scalable

Easy to set up by users themselves and adaptable to any workflow. Scales effortlessly to meet any business demands, thanks to advanced Microsoft Azure infrastructure.



The dashboard page provides quick and easy visuals on all ongoing processes, tasks and steps for your company that are defined within the tool. There are several smart dimensional filters which can be applied to give insight about the aforementioned data on different levels. This information could be used for analysis purposes for process optimization, business process redesign, bonus/KPI for employees, etcetera. Customize your dashboard by combining entity, country, user or deadline views with process-, task- or step-level progress.

Easy and smart setup of workflows

Setting up a workflow involves choosing a starting date, deadline date and assigning users to task(s) and entity/entities. A workflow can be copied and edited easily. A template can be reused and applied on similar workflows again and again whenever the workflow occurs.

Be in control together

The deliverables, status and deliveries of each task owned by a colleague or external party (including delay details), are made transparent to any other task owner or stakeholder in the workflow.

Affordable Pricing

Per Entity


Per Year
  • €2,500Cloud and Support



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