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We continuously embed in-house tax expertise into software. Every solution we release to market is developed based on the highest technology standards and aims to make tax workflows transparent and manageable for all companies.

Transfer Pricing

Make Transfer Pricing easy, fast and auditable

Transfer Pricing is more important than ever, with a high emphasis of tax authorities and the general public on companies being compliant and able to explain and substantiate their Transfer Pricing policy. Don’t worry, TaxModel is here to help.

TaxBenchmark is a cloud-based software solution that automates the benchmarking process and with that reduces the turnaround time by two-thirds, as well as improving the quality by ensuring consistency and audit trailing.

TaxCBC, a software application that facilitates multinationals to file Country-by-Country (“CbC”) reports to any OECD tax authority that supports XML based electronic filing.

With TaxInterco we bring a tool that can manage your operational transfer pricing efforts. TaxModel’s TaxInterco helps you building and managing your transfer pricing control framework and facilitates your company or your clients with everything from training and consultation to customizing transfer pricing related reports and files.

TaxRating enables multinationals to establish credit ratings for their entities in-house based on market leading techniques. Reducing cost and turnaround time for intercompany financing agreements are the primary goals driving the development of this new tool.

Tax Reporting

For everyone and every company that still uses Excel

Is your year-end tax reporting never going as planned? Are you struggling to finish your Tax Reporting season on time? Bring in structure and speed without a large investment: TaxProof, by TaxModel.

TaxProof is a web-enabled tax accounting solution, developed for anyone exposed to tax and accounting. TaxProof offers a solution for easing tax accounting related work flows for companies ranging from small to large cap.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Help your business expansion move forward

Contemplating expansion but having difficulties gaining insight in the tax impact of such a project? TaxForecast will give you fast and accurate answers, the easy way.

TaxForecast is an application that enables users to make well-founded tax forecasts, including building “what-if” scenarios. When TaxForecast is combined with TaxSuite, it offers a solid basis for your tax data management in terms of current income tax actuals and future estimates.

Supporting Tools

Working across the TaxSuite while synchronizing data and functionality

The TaxSuite Supporting Tools are like the main tools: clever, efficient, affordable and platform independent.

TaxDataroom is an online information repository for storing and sharing documents in the TaxSuite. TaxModel software solutions can be linked to TaxDataroom so that all TaxTrails from the various solutions will automatically roll into TaxDataroom.

TaxManagement is a dashboard and graphical interface application, enabling the user to easily share and present data from the TaxModel Software Suite.

TaxQuestionnaire is a software application that can be used to send out questionnaires for multiple purposes in an intuitive environment, providing the option to create different templates, view the status of outgoing questionnaires and manage your relations.

TaxStructure is a Know-Your-Customer (“KYC”) tool that is centralizing client and user management data for applications within the TaxSuite. The advantage is that all KYC data can be entered and stored in one location and all tools can tap into this data saving repeat efforts.

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