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DAC6pro Case Study: Kinanis

Download the case study and see how we’ve helped Kinanis achieving maximal DAC6 compliance in Cyprus and Malta



As a Law Firm specializing in International Tax, cross-border arrangements (“CBA”) are quite common concerns in our line of work. The hallmarks are defined quite broadly, which creates the need for a careful examination of each individual CBA. In order to be compliant with the law and to mitigate the risk of high penalties, a proper process is required.

“We had the opportunity to fully test the product, and that gave us the reassurance we needed”

Mrs. Christina Papaioannou
Supervisor at Kinanis LLC


We noticed that the other solutions were way too complex and had extremely high fees. Economically-viable solutions for an economically advanced and large country like Germany don‘t necessarily translate into a viable solution for a much smaller economy like that found here in Cyprus.

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