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Automatically generate your Master- and Local Files in TPdoc

The beauty of it all is that the build-up is done in your trusted MS Word environment. No more copy-pasting, no forced templating, and you have the full flexibility to use your own branded MS Word report.

Combined with automatic roll forwards (or backward) from year to year, country to country, file to file, you will easily save 60-70% of the time compared to manually building files in MS Word, and we are aiming for eventually 90-95%. And … the time saving comes on top of the quality improvement.

One central platform for all your key transfer pricing documentation workstreams

Everything you need to scale up your business, increase productivity, save time, and lift the quality of your TP documentation. Get more information about the features and different packages via the button below.

100% Efficiency

Build master- and local files in less than a minute via the TPdoc platform

Template Library

Use your own branded MS Word template or start with our golden standard

MS Word Integration

Work in your own trusted Microsoft Word environment via our TPdoc plugin

Automated roll forward

Easily Roll forward or backward year to year, country to country, file to file

Time Saving!

Save 60 to 70% of your time compared to manually building files in MS word!

All-in-one platform

Mayor improvement of the quality of your files, process, and security

TPdoc’s file generator:

Kickstart the next phase of your compliance strategy

Try TPdoc now for seven days, and experience how you can create master and local files hassle-free. During the trial, you can import and edit your current files or start in our prepared demo environment.