Credit ratings calculated
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TaxRating enables multinationals to establish credit ratings for their entities in-house based on market leading techniques. Reducing cost and turnaround time for intercompany financing agreements are the primary goals driving the development of this new tool.


Faster turnaround times

Buttonclicks and smart algorithms take just minutes to deliver your ratings.

Insight in key rating factors

See in-depth what key indicators are influencing your ratings.

Track ratings over time

Keep loan pricing up to date and compliant with OECD arms-length standards.


Built with speed in mind

TaxRating performs automatic ratings using the most recent market data to deliver a quantitative credit rating in seconds rather than weeks. The required data can be easily imported from your existing reporting software.


A transparent process flow ensures effective cooperation, all the while the whole process is captured in a bulletproof audit trail.

Integration with TaxSuite

Data can be shared and accessed across your other TaxModel applications to avoid unnecessary double work.


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