All major workflow elements combined in 1 tool

With TaxInterco we bring a tool that can manage your operational transfer pricing efforts. TaxModel’s TaxInterco helps you build and manage your transfer pricing control framework and facilitates your company or your clients with everything from training and consultation to customizing transfer pricing related reports and files.


Design as you go

Automated step-by-step (re)design of Transfer Pricing policies.

Automated TP documentation

Automatic generation and audit trailing of Transfer Pricing Master Files and Country Files

Easy price setting and checking

User-friendy options to calculate and validate your intercompany pricing in the TaxInterco implementation module.


Data Collection, Parsing & Classification

With TaxInterco, you can collect any kind of data and leverage from existing information easily by its unique parsing functionality. TaxInterco’s parsing functionality can convert PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents into data that can be (re)used in any other area or purpose within the software. Our aim with TaxInterco is to have a data centric tool that
avoids manual intervention where possible.

Transfer pricing policy design

TaxInterco provides a section that allows multinationals or their advisors to analyze or (re)design parts or the entire transfer pricing policy starting from the highest level value chain position. This design area will include dashboard views enabling users to easily share and present data on the key highlights of the multinationals actual transfer pricing policy.


TaxInterco produces documentation to meet compliance and filing obligations with revenue authorities globally and can export parts or full reports at any time again and again. When using TaxInterco, you can organize a global preparation and review workflow by tax year and roll forward an entire tax year while still maintaining relevant information for prior years.
Users can also work with TaxInterco as “sandbox” tool and try alternative transfer pricing scenarios. If a decision is made to change (parts of) a multinationals’ transfer pricing policy, users can decide to promote a temporary transfer pricing position to the actual transfer pricing position for the upcoming fiscal year.

Financial Analysis

This section in the TaxInterco module will display the PLI ratio that measures the profit achieved with regard to the transaction compared to the profit of the final set of comparable companies. TaxInterco will also offer other dashboard views enabling users to easily share and present data from the financial transfer pricing modules in multiple angles. This feature facilitates easy overviews, noticing trends and provides useful insights.


In Development

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