Tax Forecasting made easy, the TaxModel way

TaxForecast is an application that enables users to make well-founded tax forecasts, including building “what-if” scenarios. When TaxForecast is combined with TaxSuite, it offers a solid basis for your tax data management, in terms of current income tax actuals and future estimates.


Insight fiscal future

Your company is ever changing. If you want to know what the fiscal impact of a (proposed) change is, spreadsheets are just not up to the job anymore. TaxForecast is.

Great reports

You can create smart and graphical presentations for various stakeholders. A full audit trail is included.

Easily accessible

Provides you with a modular and web-enabled forecasting tool which can be accessed via the internet.


Advanced calculation engine

The advanced calculation engine of TaxForecast performs difficult calculations needed for your peak into the future in the background and provides you with the correct results.

Designed to make sense

Allows you to prepare a quick and transparent outline of the current & future tax positions, and enables fast creation of ‘what-if’-scenarios including impact analysis.

Solid framework

TaxForecast is built on the same solid framework as the rest of the TaxSuite, and as such provides for easy roll-out and maintenance.


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