DAC6 / MDR compliance - how to convert an issue into a solution?

Reading time: 1 minute | October 4, 2019 | by Hank Moonen

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By now, you have all probably been bombed by warnings on the impact of the Mandatory Disclosure Directive / DAC6 (“MDR”). And yes, there are many uncertainties around dealing with MDR compliance. However, there are also certainties if we take a more positive view …


It is certain that:

  • EU member states will differ around the scope of reportable transactions or widen the definition of taxes covered
  • EU member states will differ around those actually subject to reporting (due to broad definition of “intermediaries” and where multiple intermediaries are involved). There are also several circumstances where the multinational will have to report a cross border arrangement
  • MDR is new to the EU member states’ tax administration …


We will not solve the above certainties by talking about it … so let’s combine our intelligence and join forces to build an MDR tool together. We have a track record of building great user-friendly tools, and you have a track record of being great tax professionals.


Together we can tax tech’le the MDR challenge of what, how and whom to report!



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