TPnext – Masterfiles and local files made affordable!

Reading time: 2 minutes | October 29, 2020 | by Hank Moonen

TaxModel is (again) taking another big step towards tax advisory 2.0. TaxModel’s brand-new Dutch-based transfer pricing fulfilment center. No need to go to low-cost countries …


We believe that you should not pay high-end prices for commodity files. That is why we invested in IT and workstreams, i.e., to be able to offer you commodity prices for commodity services. We take care of your commodity TP files above the highest industry standards and at the lowest costs.


Our solution, TPdoc, enables our team of professionals to produce masterfiles and local files at the highest efficiency and quality. This is not just a bold statement. We already produced hundreds and hundreds of files.


TPnext … doing masterfiles and local files 100% transparent, multi-times better and quicker. We are committed to fulfill your transfer pricing documentation needs at incredible pricing:

€ 750 per benchmark credit per year

or € 75 per benchmark credit per month

Our commitment

  • Up-to-date masterfile and local files every year
  • Completion from data collection up to and including completed file
  • Fully transparent and 24/7 available reporting & audit trails
  • Reviewer access to TPdoc
  • Fully exchangeable for other files during the 12-month period


Your commitment

If you would like TaxModel to commit to you, we also need you to commit to TaxModel:

  • Minimum 3-year subscription
  • Service starts when first subscription payment is received.
  • Service involves annual recurring TP compliance and updates.
  • No roll-forward of your credit


Just let us know how many you want TPnext to do!

Interested? Visit our TPnext webpage, join our webinar, schedule a meeting, and read about the latest developments at

TPnext Landing page